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1. Course data :

FES Base Course 2019 - 2020:
• Part I: September 18 – 20th 2019
• Part II : December 11 – 13th 2020
• Part III : April 15 – 17th 2020
• Exams: July 6 & 7th 2020
o With re-exams August 20th 2020

FES Advanced Course 2020 - 2021:
• Part I: September 16 – 18th 2020
• Part II: December 16 – 16th 2020
• Part III: April 21 – 23rd 2021
• Exams: July 15 & 16th 2021
o re-exams August 19th 2021 and
o July 2022 .

N.B. Based on students’, instructors’and lecturers’ evaluations , the respective programs will be divided in three modules instead of the two modules per course year as scheduled in the past.

2. Contents

The FES Base Course will be focussing on functional anatomy, pathology and chiropractic diagnostics of the axial neuromusculoskeleton of the horse, as well as on current veterinary diagnostic / imaging techniques applied to the horse’s neck, back and pelvis.

Spinal-pelvic dysfunction will be approached from biomechanical/ kinematic and neuro(physio)logical perspectives, based on recent research and modern concepts in human sports medicine, chiropractic and other forms of manual therapies.
The practical parts focus on the development of a thorough full-body clinical examination of the horse, including
• topographic anatomy,
• structured static and dynamic observation, including observation under saddle ,
• a general palpation procedure of the equine patient / individual, and specific palpation techniques,
• and a meticulous spinal-pelvic assessment of segmental ranges and quality of motion, sensitivity and endfeel ;

The modular and intermodular practical trainings on poor performance patients will offer a well-organized opportunity to directly apply the trained structure, techniques and skills, and implement the presented material into daily live ( para) veterinary settings.

Video assignments related to the different stages in the clinical examination of a selected patient carried out by the students offer optimal opportunity for individual coaching .

• During the third module of the Base Course the basics for the chiropractic treatment techniques will be introduced.

DVD’s covering the full clinical examination procedure and techniques will be provided.

The FES Advanced Course will translate the biomechanical and neurophysiologic insights in spinal-pelvic disorders and dysfunction offered during the Base Course to current therapeutic and rehabilitation possibilities.
This transfer from diagnostic insights into therapy and rehabilitation will be trained both in practise and theory, with presentations on veterinary medical therapeutic possibilities and trainings in different forms of manual therapies, with a focus on chiropractic .

All lecturers are invited to relate their presented material to published research providing students with accurate knowledge on the levels of evidence based medicine .

To optimize efficacy and durability of therapeutic intervention in the equine patient with neck, back and pelvic disorders, the Advanced Course involves several presentations and exchanging experiences in informal settings on rehabilitation and management of the axial skeleton patient, applied both to orthopaedic and neurologic cases .

Lameness, shoeing, awareness of the relationship in spinal and internal disorders, saddles, saddle repair and live-saddlefitting are all relevant items in this respect and well-represented in the Advanced Course, next to video-analyses of the strains and requirements in different equitation disciplines, at all levels, from leisure to elite.

The practical parts will have a clear chiropractic approach, and are case- and sports related.

Main goals are on building well-worked up casuistry of the poor performance horse, with students able to perform:
- a structured and well-carried-out chiropractic assessment and treatment, related to the patient’s complaints and questions of the owner ;
- effective and safe manipulative techniques, spinal-pelvic and peripheral,
- followed by insightful management advises and rehabilitation guidelines .

The Base Course structure with modular practical sessions, intermodular trainings and student video assignments is continued throughout the Advanced Course to achieve the required practical levels at the end of the FES program.

To provide interested candidates with optimal insight in both the theoretical contents of the course, as well as insight into the practical training and practice requirements at the end of the Base and Advanced Course the following documents are included in this email :

• the program outline of the Base Course 2019 – 2020

• the Base Course Part I timeschedule

• & the Advanced Course I 2015 – 2016 and Advanced Course II 2015-2016 offering insight in presented and trained contents ; the general outline of the Advanced Course 2020 -2021 will be published within the next weeks ;

• and the "Guidelines for the Practical Exams” of the Base and Advanced Course to provide you with insights into the trained and required competences at the end of respectively the Base and the Advanced Course.

3. General structure :

Both the Base and Advance Course will be existing of :

- THREE 3-day modules ,

- + 5 practical trainings during the Base Course in between Part I , II and III, respectively Part III and the exams ;

- + 5 practical trainings during the Advanced Course " " " ;

- + TWO examination days completing both the Base and the Advanced Course ;

N.B. passing the Base Course exams is conditional to entrance into the Advanced Course,
passing the Advanced Course exams with sufficient results is conditional to become “Equine Chiropractor, FES-certified” .

4. International students :

For the international students, and in confer with them, we have created adaptations in the intermodular practical training schedules, adding part of these trainings to the modules . This way we support the limitation of travel expenses and time while creating an equal amount of training hours for both the national and international students .

5. Language :

will be English .

6. Course fees :

Base Course fees 2019 - 2020 : € 4350,00

Advanced Course fees 2020 - 2021 : € 4350,00

Total course fees 2019 – 2021 : € 8700,00 ;

N.B. The FES course is excluded from VAT .

These fees include :

- all provided course material ,

- meals & drinks provided during the course,

- ONE practical and ONE theory examination at the end of both the Base and the Advanced Course ;

- plus all practical trainings provided in between the modules, as mentioned above ,

- excluded from these fees are the re-examination fees for

* either a theory re-examination,

* a practical re-examination

* or a combination of both,

The re-examination fees 2019 – 2020 are set on : € 330,00 .

7. Educational requirements :

1. veterinary medicine , or

2. human physiotherapy followed by certified education on animal / equine physiotherapy, if postgraduate education on Animal / Equine Physiotherapy is available in the concerned country ;

8. Acknowledgement / Continuing education credits :

- animal physiotherapy :

The DUTCH association of Animal Physiotherapists ( NVFD ) assigns an average of 30 points / CECs per 3-days module . The assigned CECs for the Base and Advanced programs will on a yearly basis be published on the FES website www.focusontheequinespine.com ;

The CECs for the Annual Meeting or FES Continuing Education during the regular programs will yearly be appointed by the NVFD committee and accordingly published on this site ;

At this stage all international FES students with a ( human +/- animal ) physiotherapy background are asked to approach the ( animal / equine ) physiotherapy associations in their respective countries for CEC / acknowledgement requirements, after which the FES organization will provide all required information to facilitate the concerned procedures ;

- veterinary medicine :

Since 2010 the Dutch Veterinary Association has officially acknowledged the FES Course , assigning since then generally 15-20 CEC’s ( continuing education credit points ) per module .

This acknowledgement has in the past years fully covered the continuing education requirements of 20 points for a two-year period for the Dutch veterinarians to preserve their title of “Acknowledged equine veterinarian”.

The programs of future Base and Advanced Courses will be offered for acknowledgement as soon as they will be completed; the results will be published on the website .

International veterinarians :

The FES organization will supply all required information and certificates to the concerned International Veterinary Associations to support the international students in their requests for acknowledgement / the assignment of Continuing Education Credits for the FES course in their respective home countries.

9. Contact/ Internships / Visiting FES-certified chiropractors :
Over time several candidates have asked for permission to approach FES graduates to see them working and discuss issues , that may be relevant to the candidate before enrolment ; please feel welcome to contact these people via our website page "CHIROPRACTORS", on which you can find FES-certified chiropractors with their contact addresses and telephone numbers .

10. Registration procedure:

Pre-registration is possible by filling out the attached registration form, and send it :

- by e-mail to : info@focusontheequinespine.com ;

After receipt of the Registration Form candidates will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail , followed by an invoice à 10% of the Base Course fees .

In the period July - September 2019 invoices will be sent to the pre-registered candidates to complete their registration by payment of the remaining Base Course fee .

N.B. the group size will be limited to 30 students maximally; students will be registered in the order in which they have completed all registration stages as described.

In the meantime we will keep you informed on all relevant course information, by e-mail and website .

We hope we have informed you sufficiently for this moment. Do not hesitate however to contact us with individual, additional questions at:
info@focusontheequinespine.com !

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